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Digital Printing

Digital printing offers a speedy turnaround time, thanks to our efficient press setup and built-in multi-color registration. Our in-house print finishing process ensures that your job goes smoothly from inception to final product, without ever leaving our capable hands. We firmly believe that digital printing is the future of the industry, and are proud to partner with top technology and companies to bring you the best quality possible.


As part of our normal workflow process, we provide a sample for approval before beginning any job, at no additional cost to you. Our digital printing services are perfect for materials that require a quick turnaround. We use digital printing for small jobs and are dedicated to delivering fast and efficient printing services in NJ.

Digital printing offers quick turnaround times and is a simpler and easier process than traditional offset printing. We use a range of digital printers such as sheet-fed production printers and cut-sheet digital presses.

Our process of digital printing services is simple and it starts with us optimizing, sizing, and checking your file before sending a PDF proof for approval. After your approval, we produce a digitally printed proof for final approval. Once approved, we proceed to print, finish, and ship your job, almost immediately.

At DCG United we use high-end Konica, Indigo, and iGenXL digital presses to produce high-quality digital prints. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the very best quality of rush printing in NJ.


Each litho or offset print takes a long time to setup. Digital print jobs can be setup quickly allowing you to have same day digital printing or next day digital printing.
The on-demand nature of digital printing allows efficient technologies used on our press. Digital printing is more environmentally friendly printing than offset or litho printing.
Every copy can be customized to include unique content, such as the customer's name, unique discount codes and even images. Personalized marketing has been shown to improve the response rate because people are more likely to engage with content that is relevant to them.
Unlike most Digital Printing, the quality produced by our press is almost indistinguishable from traditional toner based digital printing mostly used by Xerox, Canon.
Literature can be updated regularly. In a fast moving, constantly changing world our digital printing allows you to produce shorter runs as you need them.
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