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Direct to Film also known as DTF is a transfer of your design onto multiple fabric mediums including, but not limited to: Polyesters, Cottons, Blends, Nylon and much more! DTF printing is a great solution for the printing of bright images on difficult fabrics. DTF Printing is relatively new to the apparel decorating industry. In some cases DTF Printing has solved many apparel problems that, at times DTG Printing may not have been able to accomplish.

The Benefits of Direct to Film (DTF) Printing

Enhanced Print Quality:

The direct-to-film process can achieve higher-resolution prints that boast vibrant, vivid colors with crisp, sharp detail. In addition to this, DTF printing can effectively cover dark garments. The result is a stunning print that remains as true to the original design as possible.

Versatility with Fabrics:

DTF printing has rapidly gained recognition due to its ability to print on a wide assortment of fabric types and materials. From polyesters to cotton, blends, and nylons, DTF has demonstrated its potential to adapt and create beautiful designs on challenging surfaces. This means you can confidently choose DTF for all of your custom apparel needs without worrying about disappointing print quality.

Improved Durability:

The process ensures that your prints can withstand repetitive washing and regular wear without fading or cracks in the design. This longevity not only ensures your designs maintain their professional appearance but also enhances the perceived value of the garments, reflecting well on your brand.

Eco-Friendly Solution:

DTF printing benefits from using water-based, eco-friendly inks that are entirely free of toxic chemicals or harsh solvents. In addition, as there is a reduced need for excessive pre-treatment, this type of printing further minimizes the environmental impact.

Increased Efficiency:

The DTF printing process also boasts a streamlined workflow that saves time without sacrificing quality. It removes the need for direct contact between the printer and the garment, which, in turn, reduces the risk of errors. This increased efficiency allows for faster turnaround times, ensuring you can fulfill orders quickly and keep your customers satisfied.


How DTF Printing Works

The process begins with the digitization and optimization of your artwork, ensuring it is suitable for the DTF printing procedure. This step may include adjustments to color, contrast, and sizing.
Utilizing specialized printers, the design is printed directly onto a film layer. This film features specially formulated inks that adhere to the surface, forming a strong bond.
Applying Adhesive Powder: Once the design is printed on the film, an adhesive powder is applied to ensure the ink adheres securely to the garment's fabric. This adhesive layer is then melted using a heat press or tunnel dryer.
The film, with the adhesive layer intact, is then aligned on the apparel in the desired location. A heat press is utilized to transfer the design onto the garment by melting the adhesive and allowing it to bond with the fabric. The final result is a high-quality, vibrant design that is permanently fused with the garment.
Once the design has been transferred, the garment undergoes a quality inspection to ensure the print meets our high standards. Any necessary post-production treatments are then completed before being shipped to the customer.

Applications of DTF Printing

Uniforms, warm-up gear, and fan merchandise featuring team logos and colors that remain vibrant even with rough use and frequent washing.
Custom apparel that resists fading while maintaining a professional look.
Marketing campaigns and events can benefit from high-quality, durable prints that draw attention.
The creation of unique and captivating designs with long-lasting print quality.
Customized clothing garments for individual customers, group events, or holidays.
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